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How Do You Make a City Walkable? By Making Lower Greenville No-Parkable, Maybe?

Last week, our favorite Barking Dog pointed out the latest Resident Parking Only zone in the Lower Greenville area -- the seventh such RPO zone to take effect in the last year, Avi notes. To that list, add an eighth: Avi sent Unfair Park an e-mail last night in which he says that the city's Public Works and Transportation Department is set to announce a new one: the 5700 block of Prospect Avenue along the north side of the street. Writes Mr. Adelman:

It was created at the insistence of residents in the new town homes at Prospect and Matilda, the majority of whom signed the RPO petition.

The original NO PARKING 24/7 signs were moved to the south side of the street so Dallas Fire/Rescue could still have access room for their larger service vehicles.

The signs will be installed in early June (the original poles for the No Parking signs are still in the ground, plus one more will be installed).

We hope to have another RPO zone south of this street approved in the next week or so. Once that is final, the BelmontNA will print 5,000 RPO cards for distribution to the DPD and bar/restaurant patrons.

This morning, Avi sent further details concerning the what and the why. They're after the jump.

The City has approved RPO on a very important street in our neighborhood. Until three years ago, this street had just one group of residents in a gated community and we did not even include it on our RPO target list.

But after 16 new town homes were built on the corner, those residents started looking around and asking, Hey, where can we park??

After lots of planning and coordination with several city departments, the 5700 block of Prospect Avenue (behind the empty Side Bar space) will go RPO in the next few weeks. The RPO will be on the north side of the street, and the south side will stay NO PARKING 24/7 (for the fire department's access to the street).

The BelmontNA's goal is to RPO all residential streets on the eastern side of Lowest Greenville (Belmont to Ross) at least two blocks deep by the end of this year. One more street is under review by the City, and another petition program will start up in a few weeks.

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