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How Long Would It Take You to Notice a Missing $1.9 Million? Now Ask Dave Neumann.

Allen Gwinn has the details over on Dallas.org, but the short version is: Ever since February, Dallas city council member Dave Neumann, along with wife Frances Malik Neumann, have been engaged in a legal battle with a former employee, Shannon DeMerse, they claim stole $1.9 million from Ivy Jane, the couple's clothing line for women. (Dave's listed as president and CEO; Frances, as vice president and merchandiser.) DeMerse -- who, from the looks of the docs posted, has admitted to the theft, claiming financial trouble following her husband's losing his job -- worked for the couple for 18 years, most recently as credit and collections clerk, and according to the amended complaint Gwinn's posted to Dallas.org, the Neumanns noticed in December 2008 that "an unusual number of ... customer invoices were not being paid," which led to the discovery that the collections clerk was collecting for herself -- "embezzling," in other word.

The Neumanns are suing banks for allowing the former employee to make big deposits without wondering why come, and they're suing an accounting firm for not detecting this theft earlier. But the bigger question, as Gwinn writes, is this: "How did Neumann and his wife ... fail to notice something as significant as a $1.9 million dollar theft from a $2.6 million dollar business?"

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