How My Marine Brother, Major Mike, Has Spent the Last Two Weeks: Helping Haiti

My littleyounger brother, Major Mike, began his deployment to Parts Unknown a couple of weeks ago when his ship was rerouted -- Destination: Haiti. He and his men -- the few, the proud, the Walking Dead -- were part of the mighty Battalion Landing Team tasked with assisting medical crews and operating relief efforts. Among their myriad jobs, Michael and his men have been running a food distribution point in Carrefour, an almost completely devastated town of 450,000 just a few miles west of Port-au-Prince.

Michael, pride of Hillcrest High, will remain in Haiti for the next few days before heading east, and this evening he sends this quick note: "I have seen progress in the past few weeks and was happy to see Marines and Sailors helping people in need. There are a lot of people homeless and still needing supplies, but there is no shortage flowing in now. The pier is running, and the airfield is receiving 200-plus flights day, compared to the 25 pre-earthquake." But, he is quick to add, "long-term reconstruction projects remain in and around the capitol city. By nightfall, the people move out into the street because they don't want to sleep under their own roofs or because they don't have one anymore."

After the jump, some more photos he's taken during his stay in Haiti. (Update: Michael sent a few more photos overnight.)

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