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How to Suck

You Blue: Congratulations, you managed to actually vomit words onto a computer. Is your editor as mentally challenged as you are to have allowed this idiocy? ("Brown October," by Jesse Hughey, April 20).

You managed to do a music critique and only mention one song...and only one line from that one song.

Your lovely little list there had all the intellectual content of my cat's asshole.

Do a bit of research, find out who's actually in the band (by the way, Vai and Satriani are incredible technical players...jealous you could never get past the power chords?), and then here's a thought: Try listening to the band. Then write a review.

It's obvious no one could possibly take this drivel seriously, so good luck with the burger-flipping. I hear they play lots of Linkin Park and Metallica on the boomboxes in the kitchen at McD's. I'm sure you guys will get along great.


San Marcos

He Hate Me: Dude, what is your problem?

You don't have to like Blue October; that's fine. You can even write a slam; that's cool too. Perhaps you should do a little basic research first, though.

You spent how much of your print space slamming on a guitarist who hasn't been in the band for five years?

Have you ever even listened to any Blue October other than "Hate Me" and their previous radio hit?

It sounds like you dislike "Hate Me," went to a Web site with old information and wrote a knee-jerk slam. You seem to have the idea that Blue October is the Hanson of the '00s. Perhaps you should actually listen to a full album and do a bit of real research before you write.

If you still feel the same way afterward, OK. As it is, you just came across as one of those guys who thinks that getting any popularity automatically means "selling out."


Via e-mail

At least listen: That was the biggest bunch of drivel I have ever read in my life. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you decided that because Blue October is not up to your own personal standards that you would completely belittle them in the most public way you could. You did absolutely no research before writing this, and it is very evident. Do you even realize that Brant Coulter hasn't been the guitarist for over five years? If you're going to write an article about a band, at least be prepared, for crying out loud! While I don't believe that the size of a band's fan base has any correlation with its talent (hello, Britney Spears), I do believe that this is a band that really connects with people. Listen to other songs besides "Hate Me." Hell, why don't you actually take your cheap ass to the store and listen to other albums? Each one has its own sound, and you never know, you may like it. If you don't, I couldn't care less. Just be a little more tactful and slightly more prepared next time!

Melissa Scogin


Editor's note: These are only a few of the many letters we received from Blue October fans. For the record, we incorrectly identified Brant Coulter as the group's lead guitarist--he was replaced years ago by C.B. Hudson. We regret the error. Still, different name, same guitar parts.

No Butts About It

Whining acousto-weenies: Not to be complaining, but most of us who are a part of a pretty darn good rock scene here in Big D are tired of your little publication's music reporter referring to us as "butt rock." There are plenty of great rock/hard-rock acts here in Dallas that are not screamo metal bands. There are some good melodic hard-rock bands in town that are working their butts off and are constantly being brushed off as inferior to the touchy-feely emo weenie bands that your music reporter worships. Send someone else who can look and listen objectively to a band or artist without passing judgment on them before they've even played one note. I can't stand whining acousto-weenies, but I wouldn't write a review of one of them because I don't like the style. To wrap it up, keep your mind closed all you want, just don't share your opinions about music that you have an automatic negative attitude toward.



Funny Money

Fire them all: As the former director of Dallas County Health and Human Services--who managed taxpayers' money--I cannot believe a staff member at DISD forwarded for payment a $319.36 invoice on a package addressed to a board member and it was paid (Buzz, by Matt Pulle and Patrick Williams, April 20). The package was then sent to the board member at another location, and all she said was send it back. What type of system in a public school district would allow this? Do board members order anything and it gets paid? Staff did not look in the package or even inquire about its contents. Was it district-related? The persons who accepted the package, forwarded the invoice without inspecting the contents and paid the invoice should all be fired. The administrator responsible for the system that allows this should be fired. If they paid this bill, how many others have been paid that have nothing whatsoever to do with education? How many employees order things and they are paid?

Betty J. Culbreath


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