Alex W. Spence's very own Greg Pak is writing Hulk comics these days -- and I could not be more envious, damn it.

Hulk Smash, But Greg Pak Sign

Heading out early today -- going over to Lone Star Comics on Mockinbird Lane to see my old junior-high pal Greg Pak, easily the most famous student to escape Alex W. Spence Middle School in the early 1980s. As I noted way back when, Greg's a very big-deal comic book writer these days -- the man charged with tending to the Incredible Hulk, among the most iconic characters in Marvel's estimable stable. He's also responsible for one of the best X-Men stories in recent memory.

Greg's in town for Wizard World Texas this weekend at the Arlington Convention Center, where he'll be joined by some of your bigger comics writers and illustrators -- and, really, Lou Ferrigno. But getting a jump on things, Greg will be signing books today at Lone Star starting at 5 p.m.

Also in town for a signing today is comics illustrator Kevin O'Neill, Alan Moore's collaborator on the incredibly popular and influential League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series. O'Neill hasn't been to the U.S. in years, but is stateside only for a few days to promote the latest all-original League hardback, the long-awaited Black Dossier. He'll be at Titan Comics across from Bachman Lake today beginning at 5 p.m. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.