Hunt on Today's Council Vote: At City Hall, "Debate Is the Enemy."

Angela Hunt

In a moment, Schutze will be along with something to say about Vonciel Hill -- the other council member "who has some brains," as Jim puts it. But first, some thoughts from Angela Hunt, who also voted against the city getting in the convention center hotel -- which didn't do much good, of course, as 11 of her colleagues gave Mayor Tom just what he wanted. Which is, plain as day on the council's agenda, a "publicly–owned convention center hotel."

"I am very disappointed in the lack of intellectual curiosity from this council and from the mayor," Hunt tells Unfair Park. "We had a single two-hour closed-door meeting in which the issue of public ownership of this hotel was first discussed. And the fact that we, the city, would not simply move forward, but so do with such haste and without any public discourse saddens me and tells me a lot about this mayor and his lack of respect for public process and public input. ...

"You're really running counter to representative democracy when your attitude is, Debate is the enemy. Ugh. it's just very frustrating to see that type of attitude. It's such a disregard for the people who are our bosses. It seems like a slap in the faces to them. I could understand it if we had three, four months of debate. I'd still disagree with public ownership, but there should have been public input -- a referendum or meetings, at the very least. But to slam the door on that? Congratulations, you just got a hotel." --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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