Hunt Vows to Do What She Can to "Preserve" What Remains of Lower Greenville Block Destroyed by Fire

A couple of items down below, a Friend of Unfair Park asked if we'd highlight Angela Hunt's post from this afternoon in which she addresses the aftermath of yesterday's four-alarm fire that decimated Terilli's, Mick's, Greenville Bar & Grill and Hurricane Grill. I did speak with the District 14 rep yesterday about her hope that Dallas-Fire Rescue could preserve the facades of that historic stretch of Lower Greenville, but today she has much more to say. An excerpt:

My heart goes out to the employees and business owners who lost their jobs overnight. It is such a tough time to be out of work, and I hope they are able to find other opportunities as soon as possible. I'm also hopeful that the building owner will rebuild using the remaining facade as a starting point and that Terrili's and others will be able to move back in after reconstruction.

The building itself is such a great piece of architecture and an important part of our history. I've received many emails from concerned residents who want to see the building saved. I agree, and will do all that I can to preserve this structure. There's unfortunately a legal limit as to what the city can do to protect the building since it's not currently an historically designated structure. However, I'm finding out what our options are and will push as hard as I can to preserve what's left of the building. I'm also trying to get in touch with the property owners to discuss their plans.

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Robert Wilonsky
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