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I Hope They Shoot It on Uranus

According to this just-posted piece from the Dallas Business Journal, a location scout for the big-screen version of Dallas has extended his/her stay from three days to two weeks, giving the Dallas Film Commission folks the impression the movie might get shot here after all. According to the story, Dallas and Louisiana are the only two places in the running to land the film; I doubt it, though, since John Travolta, who will play J.R. Ewing, wants to do this thing near his Florida home, and that state offers pretty good incentives to studios--the kind Texas can't, hence this whole imbroglio in the first place. Me, I hope they never make the movie at all. I just wanna hang at the Lodge with Kevin Sorbo when he comes to town to shoot the two direct-to-Beta Walking Tall sequels. S'gonna be awesome. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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