I Think I'll Go Downtown

We'll be honest: We will never forgive our former publisher, who beat a Quick retreat, for moving us out of our longtime downtown Dallas digs for an Uptown address. We loved being downtown, in the old KLIF building at Commerce and Central. So what if that meant occasionally having to dodge the vomit and excrement at the foot of the back-entrance stairs? That was the price we paid for being able to walk to the Farmers Market and the other downtown restaurants and clubs and shops springing up like flowers through the concrete.

Well, to further rub our noses in our August 2005 exodus from downtown, Downtown Dallas on Friday will unveil what it calls a "dynamic, smart ad campaign" intent on showcasing downtown "as the destination spot to live and play." Friday morning, John Crawford, chairman of the board of Downtown Dallas, and Ted Hamilton, president of Hamilton Properties and the man responsible for much of the redevelopment in the urban center, will announce the new endeavor from the Fairmont Hotel's Gold Room. The campaign itself will debut March 1.

Meanwhile, we're still at the corner of Maple and Oak Lawn, so close yet so far away. --Robert Wilonsky

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