I Want My MET!

I'd never heard of the Austin-based Music + Entertainment Television network till this morning. Looks like it's a 2-year-old, 24/7 all-Texas music-film-arts-etc. network, funded by the likes of real-estate mogul Gary Keller. The network started in 2005 with a million bucks of investor funding -- it's HQ'd on South Congress, in a former theater -- but Keller's pouring more than a million-six into expanding statewide the network that's currently available only on Time-Warner cable and DirecTV in Austin and nearby towns.

Says here, in a subscription-only story, that Constance Wodlinger, the net's president and CEO, is looking to bring MET to Dallas and Fort Worth in the near, near future -- Houston and San Antonio too. "We have been very well received," the CEO tells the San Antonio Business Journal. "We are in negotiations with two multiple-system operators." And she promises to add localized content in the cities into which the network expands. --Robert Wilonsky


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