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Icky Twerp For Sale!

Friend of Unfair Park Peterk sends word: "Yes, folks, now you can buy Icky Twerp items." And just in time for the holidays. The shop's right here, though be warned, it's not much: two T-shirts, a Slam Bang Theater best-of DVD and two video cassettes (!). Says Paul Camfield, son of Icky, the product's left over from the September celebration in Fort Worth. Camfield wants to do more, but needs the partner ... "and the time," he says, "because I'd love to celebrate the show with fans."

But the bigger question is: When will Richard Allan Kent's doc about the late, great Bill Camfield, Icky Twerp: The Electronic Babysitter, get a proper release, at least on DVD?

"We're talking about it right now," Camfield says. "Thirty, 40 were made to sell at the fest, and Richard says he's gonna turn 'em loose, and I'll sell 'em. But we want ot make those are available too. That's his property, so we're trying to make sure he gets compensated fairly. But it's a great, great, great doc, and the fans would enjou it immensely. It'll happen. Maybe an on-demand thing on the Web. But it's going to happen soon. No doubt about that."

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