If Hooters is Too Classy For Ya ...

Cars, women and beer -- the age-old, ah, booby-trap never fails to ensnare a certain college-boy consumer. Now, three local brosefs are capitalizing on the golden trio with Fort Worth’s first and only female-staffed beer barn, located just half a mile from the Texas Christian University campus.

The brainchild of DJ Quintana, 30, and two friends, the barn -- a converted mechanic’s shop -- is a kind of drive-through Hooters, with handsome women delivering beer or wine in order to “stimulate people to come in,” Quintana tells Unfair Park. Dubbed Mas Ramblas after the raucous Las Rambla avenue in Barcelona, the shop will open in three weeks, once Quintana and his friends install a handicap-accessible bathroom. Until then, the three are advertising for staffers on Craigslist, offering $6 an hour plus tips to eligible (read: must look good in a teensy tank top and shorts) beer fairies. From the ad: "Basically, you will be required to sell beer and wine while looking your hottest. We are a classy organization with professional management." --Naomi Zeveloff

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