Chris Elliott

If I'm Reading This Correctly, Looks Like Chris Elliott's in Dallas For a Month

Scanning Variety this a.m., I stumbled across this note from the Film Production Chart: Come Monday, writer-director David Jackson Willis is set to start shooting Renaissance Girl in and around Dallas. Which is interesting for several reasons, chief among 'em the plot more or less suggests at least one location: "In the summer before college, an uptight intellectual 18-year-old girl is forced by her aunt to work at a Renaissance Faire. The chaotic and playful nature of the Faire challenges the girl's rigid ideas about life and love." Same thing happened to me first time I went to Scarborough Renaissance Festival, come to think of it.

Nice cast too: Danielle Panabaker, recently seen swimming with Shark; the poker-playing Jennifer Tilly, so very Oscar-nominated for Bullets Over Broadway in 1994; and Chris Elliott, who, to me, will always be The Guy Under the Seats. Or Cabin Boy. --Robert Wilonsky

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