If It Makes You Happy

Here's something Mayor Laura Miller mentioned on our ride back from Waco last night: There's now a Dallas date set for the Laurie "Wife of Larry" David-Sheryl Crow stop-global-warming bus tour. They'll be in Dallas on April 9, which is actually the beginning of the two-week tour during which the activist and singer-songwriter will tour the Southwest in their biodiesel bus and screen bits of An Inconvenient Truth. And since Crow will perform, the mayor's looking for a good outdoor venue into which she can fit a decent amount of folks -- most likely, she says, Victory Plaza, which she, uh, opposed back in the good ol' days. And, sure, the irony's lost on no one.

"Yeah," Miller says, "but I always need to remind people that all those buildings and hotels and restaurants opening up in Victory Plaza won't bring the city a single penny in tax revenue till 2018." So there. --Robert Wilonsky


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