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If Nothing Else, This Is Our Last Item About Parking Lots Till August, So There's That

Seconds ago, literally, Angela Hunt posted to her blog an explanation concerning what went down at Dallas City Hall this morning, when she and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano convinced the council to yank from today's meeting agenda a vote on the proposed parking boot ordinance. As Sam mentioned earlier today, the item's off the table till council comes back from its summer break -- which means no relief till at least August for downtown and Deep Ellum patrons and business owners claiming the boots have been kicking their respective asses since at least January.

Hunt has a long story to tell, but since Sam's already told most of it, here's a condensed version:

The delay was critical for those of us who want an ordinance with teeth that protects our restaurants and retailers that have lost customers due to unscrupulous booting. ...

Unless the city hires money box monitors who regularly inspect the money boxes to ensure they are indeed tamper-proof, there's no guarantee that the parking lot attendant won't remove money from boxes, videotape the "empty" payment boxes, then boot the parking patrons who in fact paid. Without a receipt, the parking patrons have no evidence or recourse.

Also, the video monitoring system puts all the evidence in the hands of the (possibly dishonest) parking lot owner, when it is the parking lot customers -- the potential victims -- who should be protected with proof of payment in their possession.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.