If There's Gonna Be a Concert at the Cotton Bowl, You'll Be the First to Know

Craig Holcomb, exec director of Friends of Fair Park, finally called back a little while ago -- and, well, he's awful sorry about that foul-up last week. But maybe he and Daniel Huerta, the executive general manager at Fair Park, can make things all better with this tease: They're hoping to announce within the next few days a concert at the Cotton Bowl.

Huerta doesn't want to say too much: "There's nothing firm," he just told Unfair Park, "but it still looks favorable." Holcomb, understandably, also wants to stay as mum as possible: "All of us out here learned a lesson last week, and we want to make sure the deposit check clears the bank."

This much we do know: Huerta says it "won't be the [crowd] of 70,000" Park and Rec director Paul Dyler promised to the council's Quality of Life Committee yesterday. But, Huerta says, "it will still be big." This, incidentally, is the event he'd hoped to announce yesterday, but "a minor glitch involving some reshuffling" delayed the announcement. And, lucky you, he's promised to tell Unfair Park what's what as soon as he knows something.

I know, I know. You're thinking the return of the Texxas Jam, aren't you? Me, I've stopped dreaming.

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Robert Wilonsky
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