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If They Can't Redo the Statler Hilton, Well, They'll Just Cover the Damned Thing Up

The city's love-hate relationship with the Statler Hilton's been well documented here, so no need to rehash that never-ending story. But there is this bit of news concerning the Hotel Conrad Built on Commerce Street: Mayor Tom and the DowntownDallas-ites would love that sumbitch covered, if'n you don't mind, before the scheduled opening of Main Street Garden in October. Hence the just-announced designed competition open only to American Institute of Architects members: "A Temporary Facade: Veiling the Statler Hilton for the Main Street Gardens," a more cumbersome and dreary title you'll not find anywhere.

That link will take you to the competition blog, which contains all the pertinent details concerning registration, design guidelines and the names of the jurors (Virginia McAlester, John Maruszczak and, from the city, Willis Winters). As the site notes, the winner "will most likely be commissioned" -- and, as I understand it, the money for the facade will be provided by the city, DowntownDallas and the Hong Kong-based owners of the building. So the building gets a shroud. And what does the winner get? "A prize package courtesy of DOWNTOWNDALLAS including an in-town get away at one of our premier hotels, gift certificates, dining and admission to multiple venues in the renowned Dallas Arts District." Win, win! Ish.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.