If Whitford, Hanks's Good Guys Don't Do It For Ya, There's Always the Police Women of Dallas

To the list of Dallas-set-or-shot series airing in the fall -- The Good Guys, Chase and Lone Star -- add another heretofore unknown to us till it appeared on the city council Public Safety Committee's agenda for Tuesday: Police Women of Dallas. It'll air on the network formerly known as The Learning Channel, which already has ridden shotgun with the lady cops of Broward County, Florida, and Maricopa County, Arizona's sheriff's departments and the Memphis PD.

Says the briefing, producers approached DPD about shooting here a year ago; Chief David Kunkle signed off, media relations put out a casting call, and 50 officers applied for their shot on national teevee. After what appears to have been a lengthy casting process, five were ultimately accepted -- two from Northeast Operations Division, joining one officer each from Northwest, Southeast and South Central. A crew of 50 started shooting July 25 and is expected to wrap later this month. From what little I can gather from The Google Machine©℠®™, "there will likely be an episode with a prostitute and her fiancee where some drug deal has gone sour." And they rode a mechanical bull in the Stockyards.

No word on when the series bows.

On a very related note, in The Good Guys' fall sneak-peak, I see Bradley Whitford and his mustache found a way to make Deep Ellum's parking meters disappear. And say adios to that Observer box.

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