If You Need to Take the Tollway In or Out of Downtown Late Sunday or Early Monday, Don't

On the way into work yesterday via the Dallas North Tollway, I noticed a sign on the southbound side warning of a pending closure on June 7 -- as in, not one lane but the whole tollroad. But traffic and construction crews obscured the what and the where. Didn't see mention of it on the North Texas Tollway Authority's Web site, so I shot an e-mail to spokesperson Sherita Coffelt, who didn't see any note of a tollroad closure on the agency's schedule -- at least, not till last night, when the NTTA updated its list of look-outs.

This morning, she sends word:

South End of DNT Closed Early on Monday, June 7

North and southbound lanes of the DNT from Harry Hines Boulevard to Wycliff Avenue will be closed for up to four hours early on Monday, June 7. The closure will begin at 12 midnight and will end by 4 a.m. In addition to the main lanes, the northbound entrance ramp from Oak Lawn Avenue will also be closed during this time. The closure is needed so that a utility company may place cables over the DNT.

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