In 31 Pages, the Future of Blockbuster

Blockbuster held is annual shareholders meeting yesterday, and the presentation was chock-a-block with sneak peeks at the Dallas company's future -- or, at the very least, its plans for the future. After the jump you'll find the complete 31-page presentation offered to shareholders, who were also treated with the video- and game-rental company's first TV and radio ad campaign since forever in which Jim Keyes and company will, at last, take on Netflix with an anyway-you-want-it blitz showcasing the mailbox, set-top box, rental kiosk and plain-ol'-store rental options available at varying pricing plans.

Speaking of, on Page 9 of the presentation you'll find the "Rock the Block" conceptual stores, which Variety's Video Business offshoot describes as half the size of your regular Blockbuster brick-and-mortar, but, like, hipper and stuff -- ya know, with a self-serve beverage bar just like at 7-Eleven, where Keyes used to be boss. Keyes says business is booming at the New York location, but the expansion of the concept -- which you'll also find in Reno, wha? -- will be put on hold till Blockbuster gets its financing in order.

Blockbuster Stockholder Presentation

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