In Between Days, Today

A couple months back we mentioned that former Chomsky co-frontman Glen Reynolds would be releasing his solo debut, In Between Days, on Idol Records -- home of his former band, actually. The record now has a release date: June 5. Or: last Monday. Because, see, that's when all the cool kids started downloading it off iTunes, per the instructions of Idol bossman Erv Karwelis, who wants you to know the disc -- featuring no less than local-music MVP Chris Holt on bass and vocals -- can be yours today for the low, low iTunes price o' $9.99. Also, Irv sends word that the band performs May 26 at Fallout Lounge in Expo Park, followed by a Good Records in-store on June 9. That last booking is not intended to be ironic in any way. --Robert Wilonsky

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