In Case You Wondered How Robert Jeffress Feels About Islam, "Ground Zero Mosque"

Over on City of Ate, Hanna just posted an invite to a Ramadan break-fast tonight, one in a series being sponsored by the Dallas Islamic Center. Last week's all-you-can eat was at the Unity Church; tonight's shalom-y'all will be at Congregation Kol-Ami in Flower Mound. Based upon his comments in the video above, taken from Sunday's "Ask the Pastor" event, it's doubtful First Baptist Dallas's senior pastor Robert Jeffress will be attending.

But that's only because Jeffress -- who's already branded Mormonism "a cult" and preached about why "Gay Is Not O.K." -- tells his congregation that Islam is an "evil, evil religion." Man, and you thought he had it out for Oprah.

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