In Deep Ellum, Courtesy the Demeter Project, the Baristas of Human Kindness

Good and trustworthy Friend of Unfair Park Bill Holston directs our attention to a new biz in Deep Ellum he says is worth a look-see: It's a Grind Coffee House on Indiana Street, which opened its doors about a month back. It's especially notable, says Bill, because its a venture of The Demeter Project, which lured the Long Beach-based coffeeteria to Dallas with the promise of giving back to those in need.

The Demeter Project comes loaded with heavy hitters, including Serena Simmons Connelly (Harold Simmons' daughter and veep at his foundation) and Cannon Flowers (CEO of the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, Unfair Park's downstairs neighbor). Writes Bill, the Project's first venture -- and more are planned -- "is designed to give employment opportunities [to] people who have obtained asylum here ... [and to] make profits and direct those back to charity." And Cindy Chaffin's booking the bands. Speaking of, a video she shot of Flowers making his pitch to the Deep Ellum Enrichment Project is after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

Cannon Flowers Speaks at the D.E.E.P. Meeting about the Demeter Project from Cindy Chaffin on Vimeo.

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