In Kuwait Yesterday, a Collin County Airman Was Killed in a "Non-Hostile Incident"

A Friend of Unfair Park forwards grim news concerning a local soldier killed while on deployment: The Department of Defense reports today that 22-year-old Matthew Courtois, a senior airman from Lucas in Collin County, died yesterday at the Abdullah Al Mubarak Airbase in Kuwait. But how he died remains a mystery: The Department of Defense says only that it was "a result of a non-hostile incident," and two Air Force spokespersons say the incident is being investigated.

Staff Sgt. Brian Stives, spokesman for Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, where Courtois was based with the 366th Security Forces Squadron, could provide no further information.

"There's really nothing more specific that we can give because of the investigation," he tells Unfair Park, noting that results could take as long as a month. "We can't say anything else. It would all be speculation till the investigation's over." But Stives does say he expects the soldier's body will be returned home shortly; the investigation, he says, "is not anything that will take too much time." According to a Boise TV station, Courtois leaves behind a wife and two stepchildren.

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Robert Wilonsky
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