In Midlothian, a Council Member (Finally) Demands Some Concrete Change

A self-proclaimed "Unfair Park reader/air breather" sends this link to Midlothian council member Ken Chambers's blog -- or "Personal Convictions" page, which sounds even better -- where Chambers has opted to take on TXI and Ash Grove Cement Company. Writes Chambers, "There are now developing countries like Vietnam and Uzbekistan with more modern cement technology than we have here in Midlothian, Texas USA. We deserve the best, and cleanest cement-making technology available. We're worth it."

Notes our Friend, who follows such things closely, the concrete plants represent more than half of the city's tax base, which is why most every council member in Midlothian's history has given the polluters a free pass -- "so for Chambers to now come out and conclude the plants are public health threats is quite remarkable and very courageous," notes our Friend. Ash Grove, of course, is involved in litigation with the City of Dallas, among others, over the city's desire to go green -- which means not buying our concrete from the company's antiquated wet kilns.

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