In Oak Cliff Neighborhood, the Complex Negotiations Behind New Adamson High

In recent weeks, whenever we've attempted to get information out of the Dallas Independent School District concerning its plans for the Adamson High School expansion, we've been met with the same response: Can't comment due to ongoing negotiations with property owners. DISD board president Adam Medrano did speak to Unfair Park about Oak Cliff Christian Church, which is in the process of being readied for razing, but otherwise it's been radio silence.

More than a few Friends of Unfair Park have asked in recent weeks: Why don't we speak with the property owners and residents around Adamson to find out what the district's doing to acquire their homes and places of business? The phrases "lowballed" and "eminent domain" have come up more than once. I've had every intention of poking around, but truth is, we're shorthanded here at present, and getting away from Unfair Park and its paper version isn't always easy. Thankfully, Josh Hixson took the time to visit with area residents, apartment complex owners and the operator of an adult day-care center for Oak Cliff People. Some will lose their long-time homes; others, their jobs. Then there's Concord Apartments manager Maria Monarrez, who tells Josh, "I heard from the owners, no matter what, even if he doesn't want to sell, [DISD] is going to make them." He's posted his piece in full on FrontBurner.

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Robert Wilonsky
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