In South Texas, At Least, Ex-Cowboys QB Quincy Carter Is a "Big Name"

On the day when new jobless claims hit a 26-year high, word has come down that there's one man in America who, apparently, will never go without a job: former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter. Down in Hidalgo, Carter yesterday signed a contract with the Rio Grande Valley Dorados of arenafootball2 -- apparently, the more prosperous of the indoor football leagues, as it's not the one close to shuttering for at least a season. Said general manager Grant W. Buckborough, "Not only do we welcome a big name, but we welcome a guy with a tremendous arm who we hope will guide us deep into the playoffs."

Carter had been with the Kansas City Brigade -- for all of four months, signing a two-year deal in June that ended in October. Says Brigade executive director Brad Likens in this morning's Kansas City Star, that was Carter's idea: "Quincy has ties to Dallas and Texas, and he still had personal matters he wanted to attend to [there]. I don't think that living in Kansas City really sunk in with him, so we decided at the end of the day that it would be best if we released him and he went back to Dallas." Which is, oh, only 513 miles away from Hidalgo. --Robert Wilonsky

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