In the Thursday-Morning Grab Bag: Traveling Man, Fort Worth Press and W's Dallas Office

Lots of little items with which to kick off the day, such as ...

Kinki Lounge on Greenville Avenue, between Penrose and Martel Aves., apparently opened up without getting a dance-hall license, which is naughty, but hardly kinky. Hence its appearance today at City Hall today before the Permit and License Appeal Board. Also making a case for keeping its doors open: The Dallas Eagle, which moved its leather from Inwood Road to Maple Avenue without getting a license. ...

Chuck Norris knows what it takes to win the culture wars: the childrens. Because they are the future. And, they're future customers of two new books he pimps in his latest column about "youthful courage and heroism." Still, the soon-to-be-published The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck's Favorite Facts and Stories does sound both "kick" and "ass": Writes Norris, "Each of the 101 stories centers on one of the five 'Fs' from 'Chuck's Code': freedom, faith, family, fitness or fight." ...

The Fort Worth Auto Pound is auctioning off quite the collection of collectors' items -- a few old editions of the Fort Worth Press, including the one from the day Kennedy was killed in Dallas. ...

Dallas-based Blockbuster made a presentation at the Deutsche Bank 2009 Leveraged Finance Conference, during which chief financial officer Thomas M. Casey talked about shuttering hundreds of stores. He then provided this snappy summation of the company's plight: "The story of 2009 has been to preserve cash, get refinancing done and live to fight another day." ...

And, after the jump, two videos for your morning howdy: Dallas Area Rapid Transit's latest and last Traveling Man time-lapse, and the author of the self-published Bush Political Collectibles pays a visit to W's Preston Center office ... and brings the family. Awkwardness ensues.

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