In the USA Today Today, a Tale of Two Cities: Oak Point and Farmers Branch

This morning's USA Today visits cities "revisiting immigration laws" for various reasons: exorbitant legal bills, the high price of implementation measures and "the barrage of publicity and accusations of racism that come with such laws." Up in Denton County, Oak Point city council member Judith Camp says she voted against the city's English-only resolution in December because "for us to spend our time pitting neighbor against neighbor was a sacrilege."

But Farmers Branch, of course, isn't about to revisit nothin', no matter the cost -- which, so far, has been $1.6 million in legal bills as the city fights for its right to keep illegal immigrants from renting apartments and houses. Sure, FB finance director Charles Cox tells the paper, "we can certainly find other uses for the money. By the same token, the residents have made their voices heard that this is a priority."

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