In Time For Saturday Night Screening in Hillsboro, Bottle Rocket Gets Mondo Poster

We've written several times about Andy Carl Valentin and Chris Durbin's efforts to save the Hillsboro motel where some of Wes Anderson's locally filmed debut Bottle Rocket was shot. The local film fanatics make their trek southward Saturday night, and right now I'm scheduled to drive down with someone who may or may not be on the poster you see above.

Speaking of: Tickets for the Alamo Drafthouse's very special Rolling Roadshow last-minute add-on are available here for $10; the movie will be screened outside, by the pool, for those who may or may not be part of the sleepover crowd staying for the all-night wingding. The Alamo will also sell at Saturday night's event the 18x24 posters you see above, which landed in the Unfair Park in-box overnight and which was designed by Chicago's Rich Kelly. Not sure of the cost (I've asked), only that quantities are extremely limited to a mere 225.

For those unfamiliar with Mondo (which is "the Alamo Drafthouse's collectible art boutique"), keep in mind: The posters tend to sell out rather pronto and become quite the collector's items. That, right there, is worth the trip.

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