In Tulsa, a Police Officer's Walking Again All Because of a Fallen Dallas Officer

As you no doubt recall, Dallas police Senior Corporal Victor Lozada was killed on February 22, 2008, when his motorcycle hit a curb as he was escorting Hillary Clinton to a campaign rally in Oak Cliff. Lozada was 49, and he'd been on the job for 19 years. One year after his death, Victor Lozada's still doing his part for law enforcement, says this astounding story out of Tulsa, where police officer Ron Neal walks again thanks to a donor ligament that came from Lozada. Neal found out where the ligament had come from months after the surgery to repair his torn ACL:

Ron has talked to Victor's wife on the phone and has been invited to Dallas next week to mark the one year anniversary of Officer Lozada's death. Ron is anxious to thank the family in person. He says knowing the ligament came from a fellow officer creates a special bond.

"In a way, very honored and privileged, I can continue my career in law enforcement and it helps the family know he's still serving the public, through me," said Neal.

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