In Yet More Celebrity Legal News, an Ex-Love Field Guard Sues The Beat's Rickey Smiley

Man, Courthouse News is full of interesting local lawsuits this morning. Because in addition to the Catherine Crier docs, the service also brings us this complaint filed by Henry Robinson, a former Love Field security guard who's alleging that Rickey Smiley, morning-show host on KBFB-FM (97.9, The Beat), referred to him on the air earlier this year as a "gay security guard," which somehow cost him his airport gig. (Robinson, in the lawsuit, "expressly denies" that he's gay.)

The suit doesn't say how the two incidents necessarily relate to each other; it only alleges that Smiley twice "berated" Robinson -- once in person, when Robinson asked to take a photo with Smiley at Love Field, then again on the air -- and that "Robinson was an exemplary worker and did not have any work related problems until after the radio transmission." As we noted last month, Smiley's already being sued in Fort Worth federal court over a prank call.

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