Sing along: Whoever it is, we're against them.

In Your Face, Tom Leppert!

The mayoral election has gone facial. Runoff candidate Ed “Eminent Domain” Oakley has ads running on TV portraying his opponent Tom “The Leppert of Two Evils” Leppert as a guy with a major facial twitch.

Leppert hasn’t struck back on that one. Maybe he won’t have to. The grapevine is already starting to do it for him. After Oakley and Leppert debated on TV at the end of last week, the whisper on the street was that Ed Oakley has Groucho eyebrows.

Once you hear it and then look at him again, it is uncanny. Whenever somebody asks Oakley a tough question, those eyebrows start going up and down like a trampoline. Stick a cigar in his mouth, and you expect him to say, “I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it.” Pa-DUM-pum!

At last, an issue. --Jim Schutze

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