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"Invisible Sun"? Damn It.

You won't have difficulty finding ducats to tonight's Police gig at the American Airlines Center; plenty of 'em can be had here, many at face value or even a touch under. That fact, coupled with the set list from last night's show at the AAC, has me and the missus absolutely delighted that we ponied up the dough for tonight's show back when tix first went on sale. Really -- "When The World Is Running Down"? "Invisible Sun"? "King of Pain"? Awesome. (Note to the friends with whom I am attending tonight's concert: C'mon, you knew well in advance I was going to bitch about something.)

At least they're not avoiding the first two albums (though I could do without a jazzy "Roxanne," cripes) -- eight songs all told, by my count, and "Next To You" and "So Lonely" remain solid hits on the iPod. Still, give me "Landlord" or "Bring on the Night" or "It's Alright For You" or "Dead End Job" over, oh, "Every Breath You Take," which, yeah, you know they gotta play. That said, let's take one more trip back to that 1979 gig at the Palladium -- the band's first trek through Dallas, way back when. Whatchoo wanna hear? Yeah, me too. As the Sting says, "Get off yo' asses, y'all." --Robert Wilonsky

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