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Iraqi Demands His Wings, Pizza N' Things

Courthouse News this morning draws our attention to the plight of Brwa Aziz, a dentist in Iraq for whom the mission has not been accomplished. Aziz, you see, enjoys sinking his teeth into North American fast food. He's already serving up smoothies, as a franchisee of Canada-based Juice Zone, and for the past year he's been trying to open up a Wings-Pizza-N-Things outlet in the third-largest city in Iraq. The Wings on Fire? That's the lip-smacking, tongue-scorching taste of freedom.

But in a lawsuit filed in Dallas County District Court, Aziz claims the Northwest Dallas-based fast-food chain -- founded by the man behind Pizza Inn way back when -- has taken a small fortune in franchise fees and purchase orders (close to $200,000) and refused to send him the start-up materials. Aziz also says he's spent more than $170,000 to prep the location that's costing him $7,000 in monthly rent (!) while he waits for the stuff to be sent from the warehouse. (Quick, someone get Troy Aikman on the phone! Wingstop to the rescue!) Aziz, incidentally, has a local lawyer: Sheldon Goldstein.

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Robert Wilonsky
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