Is There Some Kind of an Election Today?

Is There Some Kind of an Election Today?

I voted at 7:12 this morning at Leonides Cigarroa Elementary School in northwest Dallas, where the "Vote Yes!" signs appear to be in bloom this fine, warm fall. The voting booths were filling up; I was No. 12 on the sign-in sheet, and folks were lining up behind me. "Impressive," said one of the election officials. "We only had one person vote between 7 and 9 a.m. in June," when Tom Leppert and Ed Oakley duked it out in the mayoral runoff.

Doubtful it's a sign of things to come: Bruce Sherbet, the man in charge of counting votes for the county, expects a woeful turnout of some 50,000 to 60,000 -- the passionate few, about half of whom have already cast their lot in early voting. And, yes, I voted "yes" -- because I fully support Prop. 10. Or, what, you're one of those people who thinks we need an inspector of hides and animals, right? Sunnyvale fascist. --Robert Wilonsky

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