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Isabella, This Four-Month-Old Boxer Mix, Was Skinned Alive in Southwest Dallas

Update at 4:59 p.m.: An initial investigation by Dallas Animal Services indicates the dog's injuries likely came from a "non-human predator," according to NBC 5.

Original post:DFW Rescue Me is the organization that tried to save Justice, the four-month-old lab terrier found in Pleasant Grove, covered in third-degree burns. Justice died a few days later, but police later arrested four men accused of dousing the puppy with gasoline and lighting it on fire, all of whom are awaiting trial.

The organization now has another hard-luck four-month-old in its care, this one a female boxer mix. The dog, named Isabella, was found partially skinned on November 30 in the front yard of her southwest Dallas home, according to a post on Rescue Me's Facebook page.

According to the post, the puppy is missing 60-70 percent of her skin, from the base of her neck to her tail and shoulder to shoulder. Upon finding the dog, her owners called Dallas Animal Services, which took her to the city shelter. The shelter transferred her to Rescue Me for treatment by a private veterinarian.

"Isabella's prognosis is guarded, due to the amount of skin lost," the post reads. "However, she's eating, and her doctors remain optimistic. They have already begun the painful debridement process, and she will be transported to Texas A&M so specialists there can begin the first of many skin graft surgeries."

The group says that Dallas Animal Services has opened an investigation into the dog's injuries and have canvassed the neighborhood where she was found. I've emailed city spokesman Frank Librio for details, which will be posted if and when they arrive.

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