How 'bout that? A real California Quake!

It’s Okay, Relax, Nothing to See – or Feel – Here

Thanks for not a single one of you asking, but I’m okay. Myself and the Cowboys somehow survived the 5.4 magnitude earthquake that rumbled through southern California at 11:42 this morning.

The epicenter is Chino Hills, which is east of downtown Los Angeles and about 90 miles southeast of Oxnard. The Cowboys practice here at 2:30 and I’ll ask around to see if anyone else sensed it. Fox 4’s Mike Doocy said he felt a little rumble while interviewing Jason Witten, but, honestly, I didn’t hear or feel a thing. (Though it is creating havoc with my cell phone and Internet.)

If I did feel anything, I’d probably just think it was Butch Johnson, ya know, doing his California Quake. -- Richie Whitt


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