It Took a Baghead to Prove Dallas is Hipper Than New York City

Bros Jay and Mark Duplass' Baghead -- a smart, deadpan, oh-so-indie rendering of the bad-man-in-the-woods horror-film genre -- has already stalked the film-fest circuit, debuting at Sundance in January before making its way to South by Southwest and the AFI Dallas International Film Festival. And it was scheduled to open in Manhattan in later this month -- till, last week, Sony Pictures Classics announced the film would instead debut in the brothers' hometown of Austin -- "rather than the standard New York / Los Angeles launch."

Which prompted this New York Times story this morning, further outlining the distributor's release plan: "Then Baghead will probably move on to Dallas, Houston or, maybe, Portland, Ore. -- cities that, in the words of Tom Bernard, the co-president of Sony Pictures Classics, 'tend to connect with what’s new and different.'" After the jump, the trailer for something new and different. Because, Dallas, that is the way you roll. --Robert Wilonsky

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