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It Was All a Dream

Morgan Fairchild, being honored by Woman in Film next week, was the Jessica Simpson of her day. But smarter. And prettier. And more talented.

For what it's worth, Patrick Duffy--the guy who played Bobby Ewing and, even better, the Man from Atlantis--is against the remake of Dallas, which is on hold while producers find a new, cost-cutting cast. Says Duffy: "I think they'll discover that Dallas is better left how it was. I got a sneak of one of the script--I can't tell you how--but I read it and I was, like, 'Wow! That's crap!'" Wow, that's awesome! There's also a piece about the Dallas delay in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, which you might be able to find if EW didn't have one of the world's worst Web sites in the history of the Interwebs. "Hopefully, [we] can gear up in the spring," says producer Sanford Panitch, and don't you threaten us, pal.

In other completely useless celebrity news possessing, at this point, neglible local ties: Former Richardson girl Jessica Simpson knew when her marriage to Nick Lachey was over (oddly, it was not when they said, "I do") and doesn't mind her former preacher daddy talking about her boobies. "I've had double D's for a long time," she says. "Are you kidding?" Now that's crap!

Speaking of locally born blonde actresses, on November 5 Dallas native Morgan Fairchild will be honored by Women in Film during their annual Topaz Awards gala at the Dallas Museum of Art. I had planned on making fun of this till I scanned her filmography and realized, ya know, Fairchild's actually had a pretty respectable run on network television; she was great on Friends as Chandler's mom, if nothing else. And she appeared on an episode of Dallas, which brings us full circle. Also being honored at the Topaz shindig is city councilperson Elba Garcia, who's getting the Dallas Film Commission Advocacy Award for bringing the Spanish soap opera La Ley Bel Silencio to town, where it shot for Telemundo for a whole six months. Next year, Angela Hunt's scheduled to get an award for owning two television sets. --Robert Wilonsky

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