It Was Only a Dream: Texas Takes Down Border Cams

In June Governor Rick Perry pledged $5 million to install hundreds of night-vision cameras along the Mexican border that would also stream video so that anyone who spots border crossers can report them on a free hot line. Critics predicted racial profiling and vigilanteism, and even the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps worried that making footage widely available would only help smugglers alter their routes.

Well, the cameras were up. As of today, though, nada. Seems, according to the state's Web site, "Texas Border Watch Test Site has closed as the state proceeds with a formal request for proposals to implement a permanent Texas Border Watch web site." Now how will the Interweb-savvy anti-illegal immigrant fringe kill its time?

See, they were thrilled with the development, while it lasted. One blog links to the state's site with the heading, "Happy Hunting," while another comments, "When you're having a really bad day, you can watch little buggers trying to scamper across the border. It'll make you super depressed, but at least you can push the 'suspicious activity' button to report any illegal buttholes invading our country." And the next comment: "Are they connected to a .50 cal machine gun turret?" Gets you right here. --Megan Feldman

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Robert Wilonsky
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