It's a Mystery To Us Too

This likely falls into the "Not Really That Interesting But What Do We Know Anyway" category: We just got a release announcing that Dallas-based author Daniel J. Hale was today named as executive vice president of Mystery Writers of America, the organization that hands out the covered Edgar Awards. And what does that mean, precisely, for Daniel J. Hale? Well, he will...

"...be guiding MWA through a year of groundbreaking initiatives including the launch of a completely re-designed website for the organization, which will usher in unprecedented opportunities for the 3,000 members of the MWA as well as those in the general public wanting to know more about their favorite authors. Additionally, Hale will oversee the kick-off of the MWA:Reads Library Initiative, a program developed to aid financially struggling libraries throughout the U.S. Hale will also oversee the MWA's 61st annual Edgar� Awards, in which Stephen King will be honored as Grand Master."

Yeah, so...mazel tov. Waytago. That library thing sounds noble and necessary, and do tell Stephen King howdy for us. Guess that means we need to go out and get some of Daniel J. Hale's books, which he co-writes with his "teenage nephew, Matthew LaBrot, also of Dallas," says the release. Turns out they're responsible for a series of books -- by which I mean two -- involving an inline-skating teen detective named Zeke Armstrong. Oddly enough, I write all Unfair Park items in collaboration with my 3-year-old son. So we have something in common after all. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.