It's Getting Bloggy Up in This Piece

So, what are the rules here, anyway? Just blog blog blog? Is that the rule? Paul Kix wrote an item for the D Magazine blog about blog maven Sharon Boyd suing a dead guy. (He got it from us, but whatever.) But Paul, a great reporter, never called Sharon to get her side. Now I'm writing a blog item about Paul writing a blog item, but I called Paul for my blog item. I asked him: "What are the rules here?" He said, "There aren't any." If he writes a blog item about me writing a blog item about him writing a blog item, he better call me and ask me for my blog comment. I tell you, I'll blog the guy. I'll blog anybody who blogs me. Blog out! —Jim Schutze

And while we're at it, that current Frontburner item about the woman selling her tree on eBay? Had it yesterday. The Dallas Morning News had it today. Man, the echo chamber is giving me a headache. — Robert Wilonsky

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