It's So True: Anyone Can Host a Late-Night TV Talk Show. Yes, Even You.

This got buried beneath the stack of legal docs currently devouring my desk, but I'd just hate it if you missed out on Your Big Break: Spike TV, the network for dudes and Star Wars movie marathons and Entourage reruns, is looking for a couple of broheims to host a talk show. Only, it's not yer average talk show, no sir: "The new late-night entry will differ from the typical late-night chatter of movie stars and politicos and will seek out ordinary people doing extraordinary things." You mean, like Real People? Or That's Incredible?

Anyway. Here's what they want, per the Dallas Film Commission's Web site:

Seeking two males (any ethnicity) age 25 - 35. Someone with a likable, regular-guy appeal with inherent comedic talent who is not too slick or host-y.

We want that laid back guy with whom every dude wants to be friends. He drinks beer, loves sports, video games and is unassuming and approachable.

In other words, are you Paul Rudd? If so, get thee to the Hyena's Comedy Club on Mockingbird before 5 today or between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. tomorrow. Look, better you than some high-larious Chris-Chris from Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta or Chicago.

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