It's That Time o' the Year: Gun Buy-Back!

Last time 'round, Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway's call to turn in your arms arms turned into quite the sideshow, complete with a French New Wave film of some kind starring Caraway and Trey Garrison. Which hasn't deterred Caraway one bit: This afternoon at Dallas City Hall, he'll provide further details concerning yet another gun buy-back scheduled for August 15 at City Hall. At the last guns-for-groceries swap meet, the city collected 147 firearms in varying states of "working." (Update: Trey, the buy-back runs from 8 a.m. to noon.)

Same deal as last time: Bring an "operational, unloaded firearm" and an ID to 1500 Marilla Street, and officials will give you a $50 grocery gift card in exchange. (Doesn't say from which grocery; Kroger's not listed among the sponsors this time around, but Schepps Dairy is.) Says the mayor pro tem, "We need to work with other cities and be proactive, to increase safety in our communities." We'll update later with the event's start time for those with spare guns lying 'round the house, not to mention amateur filmmakers and/or gun enthusiasts.

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