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A scene from Norah Jones' forthcoming appearance on 60 Minutes this Sunday

We leave you this week by pointing you to a couple of musical notes. One, you might wanna go here, say, or here to grab a couple songs from the new Apples in Stereo release, New Magnetic Wonder. Sure, they're not technically a local band -- but, in case you forgot, the band's drummer is one John Dufilho, who, of course, is/was/am the frontman for the Deathray Davies. You can see John in the backseat of the video for the New Magnetic Wonder song "Same Old Drag," which we've included below.

Also, set yer TiVos: On Sunday, Norah Jones will prove she's made the biggest of big times by getting her very own segment on 60 Minutes, during which she's interviewed by (ugh) Katie Couric. But, please, God, tell me this isn't how the whole show's gonna roll: If you go to the CBS News Web site for a preview, you'll find that the preview piece is headlined "The Humility Of Norah Jones," and I don't think I can take a whole segment of aw-shucks-ing from someone whose debut won eight Grammys and whose new album sold 405,000 copies the first week it was on sale. Sample quote: "I don't expect to sell millions of records every time. I just don't think that's going to be possible. I think that's a lucky thing that happens every once in a while." Or, if you're Norah, every time.

Oh, and here's where we remind you who wrote about Norah first. Thanks. Have a swell weekend. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus Video: Apples in Stereo, "Same Old Drag"

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