J'Adore Norah Jones? S?r, Pourquoi Pas?

A couple of weeks ago, our music ed asked me if I was obsessed with Norah Jones. Uh, no, Jonanna, why do you ask? Hey, it's just that some of us remember trying to eat our Popolo's way back in the day whilst Norah tinkled and twinkled for tips, that's all. And, as we've reminded before, we were there from the very beginning, in case you missed it.

So, that said, here's our weekly link to rare Norah Jones material -- in this case, a January 20 performance in Paris for French radio that was broadcast six days later, or just as Jones was about to release her third studio album, Not Too Late, which is why 11 of the 19 tracks she performed in Paris are from the new disc. As it was a radio broadcast, the quality of this performance is exceptional -- and some of the songs, among them "Sinkin' Soon" and "My Dear Country," are superior to their studio counterparts.

Then again, if Norah's not your bag, also on the site are, ahem, "rare" live recordings from Corinne Bailey Rae (who a friend of ours calls "the less sleepy Norah Jones"), Neil Young (from 1973, no less, featuring an astounding "After the Gold Rush"), Tom Waits, Carole King...and Karen Carpenter. That last one's for you, Mom. And, yes, I'll download them for you. --Robert Wilonsky

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