Jamie Foxx to Play Nokia. Wonder If He Does Any Ray Charles.

We can't tell Jamie Foxx from Ray Charles anymore. That's how much of a genius he is. So he says.

Just yesterday I was reading in The New York Times a review of Terrell native Jamie Foxx's Monday-night concert at Madison Square Garden. Sounded kinda...awful. Sample sentence: "He began with a lackluster version of the album [Unpredictable]'s hit title track (Ludacris, who contributes a great verse to the album version, was sorely missed), then spent much of the rest of the night killing time." Sounds awesome.

So, good news, then: Just got a press release from the Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie folks informing us that Foxx'll be dropping by March 10 for "A Night of Comedy & Music." Tickets are $50 to $70 and go on sale February 2; so, like, there's no rush. Besides, it sounds kinda awful, unless you like to be reminded, over and over again, that Jamie Foxx is an Oscar-winner. Because he will remind you. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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