Jason Roberts Needs Help Paying His Cancer Bills

Last time we checked in, Oak Cliff urban pioneer Jason Roberts had an abdominal cavity filled with post-surgical fluid and was down to a single testicle, but he was otherwise upbeat after a successful battle with cancer.

The cancer is still gone. The pile of medical bills, it seems, are not.

Yesterday, Roberts' ex-wife Andrea (they had an amicable split) launched a FundRazr campaign to help cover expenses and "Build a Better (healthier!) Jason." The goal? A cool $40,000.

She explains the situation in her plea for help:

Over the past ten months, Jason has powered through stage 3 testicular cancer with three rounds of aggressive chemotherapy treatments, one major surgery, and countless invasive tests, doctor appointments, and a few unexpected curve balls along the way. He now has a mountain of medical bills and a rising insurance premium to boot. Please help him pay off these intimidating expenses, so that he can get on with the quality of life that he fights for having and helps others gain every day.

His latest health update is that he has been cancer free since his surgery in December, although he's struggled with complications from said surgery. He is currently in the hospital taking antibiotics to fight an infection, and is getting better and stronger each day. The doctors are discussing the next steps, and our hope is that the antibiotics will do their job and no more invasive procedures will be needed.

If your life has been touched by Jason in any way, or if you just feel moved to help, please donate whatever you can spare to assist with "Building a Better (healthier) Jason!!"

Since the campaign was launched 17 hours ago, 45 people have kicked in $2,240, which is a damn good start.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.