Jason Terry's personal chef stole $52,000 from the Mavs point guard. He clearly needs to work on his defense in the off-season.

Jason Terry's Personal Chef Put a Little Extra On His Own Plate

Jason "JET" Terry's a fine ball player for Your Dallas Mavericks, worth every penny of his $8.9 mil annual salary, more or less. Apparently, the guard's also a picky eater, as the baller has his own personal chef. Actually, Terry had his own personal chef: Says here that Christopher Devereaux pleaded guilty in Sherman yesterday to bank fraud, as he stole $52,800 from Terry by swiping checks and forging his signature.

According to federal prosecutors, the 37-year-old chef also altered some checks, changing the $1,000 to $4,000, which seems very, I dunno, not smart. The feds are looking to lock up Devereaux for a good while -- he faces up to 30 years in prison -- and get him to, ahem, fork over a cool mil. --Robert Wilonsky


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